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It’s about time.

It doesn’t matter, who you are or what you do for a living, your time is valuable. Help make a difference in the world by donating an hour of it.

What causes do you wish you had more time to give?

Are you willing to give an Hour per...

Year Month Week Day

How much do you earn per Hour...

A little
Factored at Australian National Minimum Wage = $20.33/hr
A bit more
Factored at Australian Average Income = $47.71/hr
Factored at $120k per annum = $60.72/hr
A lot
Factored at ATO high income tax bracket = $91.09/hr

It's as simple as this, giving feels good.

By our calculations, this year your Final Hour could contribute $20.33 to these community recommended causes:
Australian Red Cross
Care Flight
Surf Life Saving Foundation
…and just by doing what you already do best.
No extra skills or time out of your daily or weekly working routine required.

Only your Final Hour.

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